A doctor was traveling by train. Among his co-passengers were a lady, her son Anil and daughter Asmita. The child was pleading with her brother that she be allowed to play but Anil snubbed her saying that she was stupid and dull. Seeing the girl in tears, the doctor intervened only to learn that Asmita was a slow-learner and in spite of being elder, was studying three classes below Anil. The incident left a deep impression on the doctor's mind and he resolved to do something noteworthy. Thus ASMITA was born. The vision behind Asmita is of Dr. Krishna Dutt,Clinical Psychologist, King George Medical College, Lucknow, UP, INDIA. In 1989 he established Asmita - a center for Slow Learners and Mental Health Care. The Vision behind the institute is to help these slow learners of the society and inspire them to regain there lost identity.

What does ASMITA Mean?

I Have Thanked The Trees That Have Made My Life Fruitful But Have Failes To Remember The Grass That Has Ever Kept It Green -"TAGORE"