Dose Your Child

  • Not understands things properly?
  • Works very slowly?
  • Performs poor in studies?
  • Can’t speak clearly?
  • Seems very dull or hyper active?
  • Attained sitting, walking, talking, etc. lately?
  • Possesses habits like- biting nails, wetting bed or sucking the thumb?


If YES, then your child may be dull normal (sub average) or in other words – A Slow Learner.

Slow learners are a group, which the society finds puzzling, frustrating and difficult to cope with.

Most parents are in fix when they learn their child is a slow learner. If a child is sent to a school for the handicapped he or she tends to imitate the abnormalities of the children around him. Whereas, if enrolled in a normal school, an inferiority complex envelops the child. Faced in this dilemma, parents soliciting help would grope in the dark.

“ASMITA”- A center for Slow Learners and mental health care, is the only resort to help this special group of silent sufferers.

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