A Pilot survey done, with the help of Department of social work, Lucknow University, Lucknow, to know the magnitude of the problem in trans Gomti area of Lucknow. Results indicated that aroun 5% incidence of slow learners, which at later stage was confirmed through a survey of 520 families in city of Lucknow, where the result has come up to be 4%.

Six small research projects, with the help of Department of Psychology, Lucknow University, Lucknow, have been completed till date. Topics are given as under:

  1. Non-Acceptance of Mental sub normality by parents: Some demographic determinants.
  2. Role of awareness among teachers while identifying slow learners (dull normal and mild mentally subnormal) in normal classroom setting.
  3. A comparative study of Behavioral problems among mild mentally sub normal boys and girls.
  4. Personality type of Parents in relation to practices adopted for their mentally sub normal children.
  5. A comparative study of unitary and joint family in relation to role stress of parents in up bringing of a mentally subnormal child.
  6. "To study the discrepancy in Parent's evaluation and expectation regarding their sub-normal children

The Curriculum For the Slow Learner Students

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