Positive Mental Health

Personality Empowerment Programme

Our ‘Personality Empowerment Programme’ charts out a very unique package for the result oriented effect. By this programme we try to empower the individual who is generally feel at loss and inferior, but is unaware of any solution. By this specially designed programme we make the person identify his problems, fight with it and maintain good mental health. The stern of this is on ‘Individual and Personalised Supervision’. For best result, we will appreciate only 10 participants in a batch. We with then enhance the communication skills; verbal and more importantly non-verbal. ‘Time’, ’stress’ and ‘Conflict’ managements would be well taken care of for improving response and decision-making. Development of Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence becomes the integral part of this three week programme. In due course we help them also recognize their hidden talents and provide them a help to refine their etiquettes and mannerism. This is a quite comprehensive and integrated part of the programme for improvement of their self confidence and social image. We focus on relationship building; with self as well as others.

Psychological Counselling

In his contact with the various social conditions a person faces many complexities. One does not know what his problems are exactly. A child is unable to deal psychologically within its home with parents, siblings. Peer group; in school and among classmates. Adults too are at times unable to resolve their differences. Employees, Employers, students, teachers etc at times feel inadequate to cope up with the situation. Pre-marital, Post-marital, Extra-marital situations have their own complications. We at Asmita through Psychological Counseling of their problems and ways to deal with them in a whole some manner.

Preparation for Interviews and S.S.B.

At Asmita we help the candidates to prepare for the interviews in a comprehensive manner. The candidates are at times apprehensive nervous and awe-struck. We help them by mock-interviews, tests, etc. strengthening their resolve, their dedication, solving their specific personality hindrances and anxiety through psychological counseling, improving communication skills, time and stress management. Development of self-esteem, self-confidence and bringing to the fore positive attributes; besides cultivating Etiquettes and mannerism appropriate to the condition. Preparation for the SSB requires a different approach, physical and mental both. So we prepare candidates for that very specialized conditions through a result oriented programme.

Aptitude test and Career Counselling

In the present, competitive world, being successful is really tough. It not only requires hard work but it also needs the right direction. These days youth is perplexed and confused with so many avenues and ignorance of own aptitude. At Asmita we test the individual’s aptitude, personality type and suggest the career options suitable for the person. We take care of the person’s values, environment and feasibility.

Workshop and Seminars

Self Management

This workshop has exercises to develop self-esteem, assertiveness, and self-confidence of the candidates and to improve their social image.

Stress Management

This workshop helps people to find out their real stressors and also to learn the techniques to cope with them and to manage their own pressures by themselves.

Time Management

People today are usually finding themselves in the trap of the shortage of time. In this workshop we try to help people to know how to manage their own time without feeling pressure.

Conflict Management

In this section we deal with the conflict occurring in the lives of the people. Through workshops we try to deal with both the intrapersonal as well as the interpersonal conflicts. 


Through this workshop we develop the knowledge of the effective communication with special emphasis on the non-verbal communication.

Resume making & Interviews' preparation

The focus in this workshop is on the impressive and effective self-presentation through the latest trends in resume making and different kinds of interviews.

Managers as counselors

Basically this workshop is designed for executives to help them to tackle the conflicts in organisations, to deal with employee's problem effectively to get better productivity.

Teachers as counselors

This workshop trains the teaching staff for better interaction with the students to resolve their problems efficiently and guide them in a better way.

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