Dr. Krishna Dutt, Clinical Psychologist, King George's Medical College, Lucknow, UP, has always been flooded with the woes of parents of slow learners. He could only help them by counseling and guiding them about the behavioral treatment of their wards in home. But this he knew was not sufficient. These kids needed a special training in a different environment. He always wanted to do something for the betterment of this special group. 

He crusaded for this noble cause, and in 1989 ‘Asmita’ – a centre for slow learner, came into existence. Initially school had only 5 students. Since 1995, more than 350 students have been registered with the institute.

After being counseled and trained at Asmita, 15 students have been shifted to normal schools.Dr. Dutt is of the opinion that the transitional phase of each student varies from one to three years depending upon the IQ and adaptation level.

Asmita is a family that comprises of six teachers, one helper, one computer instructor and one driver. Ten students are being trained free of cost by the center, and almost all the students are being provided door-to-door conveyance facility. Asmita sincerely thanks State Bank of India, for donating an Mahindra Marshal for this purpose. Earlier in year 1999 also State Bank of India came forward and gifted a Computer to Asmita.

In the center, a child is taught basics like article recognition, color distinction, reading, writing and minor calculations, all in a playful manner.

Sometimes, instruments like biofeedback, relaxation technique and stammer suppressors are also used. A fresher to the institute is first assessed to determine his or her IQ. Observational remarks regarding the child’s speech problems, concentration, hyperactivity, toilet habits, violent behavior, etc are recorded. The consultation committee includes a physician, pediatrician, psychiatrist, neurologist, speech therapist and physiotherapist etc.

  • The centre takes care of children in a two fold manner. First, dealing with behavioral anomalies and secondly, educating them according to their abilities.

    However, Dr. Dutt is sad that a majority of the references are coming to his school are from the medical side, whereas it should be forthcoming from the educational field. He says that the category of slow learners form nearly five to ten percent of all students. Noteworthy is the fact that a child of less than five years cannot be taught on a structured setting. He wants this category to be identified and tackled separately.

    Another problem area is the misconception in a layman’s mind that consulting a psychologist is very similar to going to a lunatic asylum. To overcome this barrier of ignorance Asmita organizes public awareness programmes and holds seminars. To propagate community awareness, two other centres have been set up in Kanpur and Swayajpur i.e one in the city & other one at rural community.

    The institute is one of its kind as stated by Prof. Prabhat Sitholey, Professor in Child Psychiatry, KGMC, Lucknow. He says, “To my knowledge, there's no other centre for slow learners in whole of India.”

    1. More than 450 slow learners have been enriched till date (approx. 75 per year).


    Registrations and Associations

    Regd. Office      :12/357, Indira Nagar, Lucknow-226 01,UP, INDIA

                                 Phone no:+91(0522) 2343257

    Regd. No.          :1645 (w.e.f. 24/01/1995

    Regd. Under 80 ‘G’ of Income Tax (C. No 58-59/110/95-96) Tech:27/12/1996

    Regd. With Directorate (Viklang Kalyan, U.P.) No. 197 Dated 16/11/1998

    Regd. Under F.C.R.A. No. 136550137 Section 6 (1) of the Act.

    Facilities at the Center

    • Center is run in four room with all necessary amenities

    • Center is equipped with advance computer system donated by the State Bank of India.

    • Center has Mahindra Marshall for conveyance; donated by the State Bank of India.

    • Center has five trained teachers, one helper, one driver and one computer teacher.

    • Center has panel of Technical Experts and Advisors.

    Activities at the Center

    • The main activity at the center is teaching. Training and rehabilitation of slow learners.

    • Certificate course in psychological  counselling.

    • Information services regarding disability.

    • Research activity relating to mental disability.

    • Personality Empowerment Programme

    Other Activities

    Organize 2-3 seminars / workshop every year to sensitize the public.

    Active participation in programmers organized by Govt. and the organization like UNICEF, etc.

    Publication and Research

    We have completed four dissertations.

    • One survey was conducted by the center.

    • Every year MA (Psychology) and MSW students conduct their dissertation and fieldwork, respectively.

    • Student from ‘Center, institute are posted to complete their block placement.

    • Constant publication of educational material in the form of pamphlets brochures and souvenirs to create awareness in the society.

    • Published a booklet “PARICHAYIKA” to educate and teachers. 

    Awards and Recognitions

    • Social service award by the mayor of the city.

    • Widely featured in national and local magazines and newspaper.

    • Wide coverage in all India radio and Doordarshan at both local and national level.

    • Man of the Year 2003.

    • Prerak Vyaktitva 2003.

    • Vyakti Vishesh By Department of Handicap Welfare Govt. of UP through Govt of State

    • Extra ordinary "Social service" awarded by the Munal Sanskritik Sanstha- Uttaranchal

    • For "Excellent Social service" awarded by the Lions club of Lucknow.

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