We are, a non – profit – making charitable organization called ‘ASMITA’ established in 1989, purely dedicated to the holy act of Social Service. Ours is an endeavor to recognize, help and train those, who are neither Severely Mentally Retarded (Handicapped) nor Normal (Average) regarding their Mental Abilities. If left out to grow in the absence of proper Psychological Guidance, The IDENTITY (ASMITA) of aforesaid group of children, is endangered; not only in Society but also amongst the kiths and kin in their own families.

It is for the first time in the State of Uttar Pradesh, ASMITA is running a Center for Slow Learners and Mental Health Care of the Children in the class mentioned above, since 1994. This center provides day care training and education to such Mentally Deficient children; under the Technical Guidance and Supervision of as associated PANEL of visiting, Experts, such as pediatrician, Psychiatrist, Neurologist, Physiotherapist and speech therapist – etc., as per need of the individual child in particular.  

The CENTER is run, with all the above facilities, by the mutual support of its members, along with the co-operation of parents of such Mentally Restricted Children, to the best possible.


Without having the least fear of being misinterpreted, as well as solely relying on the goodness of your wisdom to appreciate our noble venture, ASMITA comes forward with two- fold REQUESTS before you:

FIRST and the foremost is to come out honestly, If you suspect to have any child with Restricted Mental Ability in your contact, PLEASE DO APPROACH US for proper Investigation and Evaluation along with further care of the child, as per need; setting aside every hitch, hesitation or shame pertaining social stigma.

SECOND yet obviously significant is the phase Lag due to financial constraints, which we are facing despite of our accumulative efforts, we are falling SHORT OF FUNDS, to achieve our objectives to the optimum level. ASMITA   earnestly requests you to Spring UP mercifully with Substantial Deficient children. DONATION to ASMITA provides INCOME TAX REBATE to Donors UNDER SECTION 80(G).

Time to time ASMITA’S efforts have been recognized, appreciated and appraised by National & International Organisations.

We look forward for your Genuine Heartening Co-operation and Generous Financial Assistance in this NOBLE yet IGNORED cause.

For Donations:  Please send in Cheques or DDs in the name of Asmita


Telephone:+91-0522-2343257 Mobile: 09415104155,09415414252

E-mails: For Contacting Dr. Krishna Dutt Personally:

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